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Pianist Prof. Konstantin Bogino
Composer and pianist Prof. Rodion Shchedrin

Music School Ljubljana Vič – Rudnik
from 23 to 25 March 2009   
09.00 – 13.00 / 15.00 – 19.00

During the traditional seminar for pianists, which has been conducted in Ljubljana by pianist and Prof. Konstantin Bogino for several years, this year we will have a unique opportunity to look into the rich piano opus by composer Rodion Shchedrin. Collections, such as 24 preludes and fugues, Inventions in Two Voices for piano, Album for the Youth – 15 piano pieces, The Polyphonic Book - 25 preludes for piano, and several compositions by Shchedrin, such as Basso ostinato, Humoresque, Toccatina or In style Of Albeniz, provide a wide range of performing possibilities.  Young Slovenian pianists will be offered a lot of the mentioned literature. During the piano seminar composer Shchedrin himself will give comments and precious advice.  Two concerts of selected piano literature and some works from Shchedrin's chamber opus will be held.

Music School Ljubljana Vič – Rudnik
25. March 2009   15.00



Konstantin Bogino:
All around the world his lectures are expected with excitement, attended very well and arising a lot of interest in expert public.

He has been a lecturer at ARS management seminars in Slovenia for several years. His lectures are lessons with comments, supplemented with performances by students from his international class. We are extremely glad that several Slovenian students, who had attended Prof. Bogin's classes, have continued to study piano with him abroad. A lot of them were able to start their concert career in a short time; some of them have won international competitions and started to give concerts. During Prof. Bogin's lectures several teachers have received precious information which they are implementing successfully in the work with students at their schools in Slovenia. Konstantin Bogino has started a series of festivals and he has been a member of juries at numerous major piano competitions, such as Gui in Florence, ARD in Munich, competition in Trieste, to mention just a few. He has recorded for Dynamic, RCA, Ondine, ADDA, Conifer, Musica Imagine and PGP.








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